MX100 Magic: Deciphering Yamaha MX100 Disklavier Piano Price

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Are you wondering about the cost of a Yamaha MX100 Disklavier piano? You’re not alone! As an experienced pianist, I understand how intimidating it can be to make such a big purchase. But don’t worry – I’ve done all the research for you so you can confidently choose the right instrument for your budget and skill level.

In this article, we’ll explore what goes into pricing these instruments and compare different models in order to determine which one will best suit your needs. We’ll also look at important factors like quality levels, features, Digital Network Player (DNP) hardware options, and more. With all that information in hand, you’ll be able to select a Yamaha MX100 Disklavier piano with confidence – knowing exactly what price is most reasonable for the quality of sound and playability it offers. So let’s get started!

yamaha mx100 Disklavier piano price

The Yamaha MX100 Disklavier Piano is a high-end digital piano that offers excellent sound quality and realistic feel. It features 88 weighted keys, 256-note polyphony, and an array of built-in sounds to choose from. The price tag for the Yamaha MX100 Disklavier Piano can range anywhere between $4,000 – $7,500 depending on the model you purchase. This makes it one of the more expensive digital pianos available but its features and capabilities make it well worth the investment for serious musicians looking to take their playing up a notch.

Understanding the Yamaha MX100 Disklavier Piano Features

The Yamaha MX100 Disklavier piano is a remarkable instrument with a range of features that are specifically designed to maximize the potential of playing an acoustic piano. This digital piano has numerous impressive elements and can be used as both an acoustic and electronic instrument.

Performance Features

  • Lightweight design for easier transportation
  • Touch sensitive keys respond to the lightest finger pressure
  • Plenty of accompaniment styles, rhythms and tones
  • “Smart Pianist” app enables control from compatible iOS devices for added convenience.


The Yamaha MX100 Disklavier Piano provides users with exceptional playability thanks to its touch sensitive keys, which responds even to the softest touches. Furthermore, this digital piano offers plenty of accompaniment styles, rhythms and tones so you can create unique sounds or use already existing ones. Additionally, its lightweight design makes it easy to transport if needed. Finally, it comes equipped with “Smart Pianist” app which enables players to control their performance from compatible iOS devices for added convenience.


Overall, the Yamaha MX100 Disklavier Piano is an incredible digital instrument that provides musicians with access to an array of excellent features that make playing the piano more enjoyable than ever before! Its touch sensitive keys allow users full musical expression while its lightweight design makes transporting it incredibly easy when necessary. Furthermore, this amazing keyboard gives users access a large selection musical accompaniments in terms of styles and tones so they can customize their sound according their needs.Examining the Different Models of Yamaha MX100 Disklavier Pianos

Yamaha MX100 Disklavier pianos are a unique and innovative instrument designed to bring the piano into the modern age. By combining traditional acoustic sound with cutting-edge digital technology, these pianos offer unprecedented levels of expression, control and versatility. There are three models available in the MX100 range – the SX Pro Series Grands, Junior Grand Pianos, and Uprights – each offering different features and benefits to users.

SX Pro Series Grands

  • Highly advanced grand piano action with ABS-Carbon construction for strength
  • 77 realistic voices within Imperial Grand Piano Sound Engine & Acoustic Resonance DSP
  • Integrated Silent System SH2/SL2 technology enabling silent play

The flagship model in this range is Yamaha’s premier ‘Flagship’ SX Pro Series grand; an exquisite concert grand boasting 9 ½ octaves and over 150 different sounds from around the world. The harmonious balance between digital elements such as multi-effects processing along with it’s expressive acoustic sound make it a truly remarkable instrument for both professional musicians or home use alike.

Junior Grand Pianos

  • Full 88 key Hammer Action keyboard capable of making realistic string resonance effects
  • 128 polyphony notes allow complex pieces to be played without any distortion

For those looking for something more compact but still equally impressive then Yamaha have introduced their junior grand model which has all same features as its larger predecessor including 200+ built-in rhythms while fitting conveniently into smaller places like apartments or recording studios requiring less space than standard grands.

Finally there is also an upright version of this celebrated instrument providing all same features when not needing full length keys. All models feature reliable Bluetooth connectivity allowing them to be connected wirelessly so they can be used as part of larger networks making them perfect partners for many music production projects too!

Comparing Prices among Various Yamaha MX100 Disklavier Piano Models

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Deciding which Yamaha MX100 Disklavier Piano model to purchase takes consideration of both sound quality and price. In the world of pianos, there are many different models available; understanding the differences among them can be daunting. When comparing Yamaha MX100 models, you have a few factors to consider when it comes to pricing.

The base model for this series is the most affordable and features a basic design with basic sounds and components. The mid-range models offer better sound quality than the entry-level version but are still relatively inexpensive compared to higher end options. Finally, there are premium models that come with more advanced features like additional speakers and dynamic touch sensitivity settings at a higher cost due to their superior build quality.
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No matter your budget or desired level of performance, Yamaha has a disklavier piano model that meets your needs while suiting your wallet size as well! Prices for each type vary depending on where you buy them from – some stores may offer discounts or other deals which could make up for any difference in costs between two specific models. Be sure to research thoroughly before making any purchasing decisions so you get exactly what you want at an unbeatable price!

Overall, whether selecting an entry-level disklavier piano or opting for one with upgraded features, it is important to remember that the best value comes from choosing one that meets your personal musical needs while staying within your budget limits.


The Impact of Quality Levels on Yamaha MX100 Disklavier Piano Price

The Yamaha MX100 Disklavier Piano is a widely renowned instrument, known for its superior sound quality and maximum playing potential. As such, the price of this piano can vary greatly depending on the model’s specific features and build quality – from basic models that are affordable to high-end options with top-of-the-line components.

Quality Levels
The MX100 comes in three distinct levels of quality: Standard, Deluxe, and Professional. The Standard level is designed for beginners or intermediate players who don’t need the intricate details or advanced features of higher tiers.

The Deluxe level includes several upgrades such as an improved drive system, enhanced action response technology, and larger keyboard sizes. For those looking for a richer sound experience as well as better control when playing complex pieces will appreciate these features.

Finally, there is the Professional tier which offers all the above improvements plus even more detailed components like stronger building materials and improved internal mechanics. Even though this model may come at a much higher cost than other versions it is definitely worth considering if you’re a professional pianist looking to get your hands on one of the best instruments out there.

Price Variation
Due to its wide range of different qualities available in each Yamaha MX100 Disklavier Piano package pricing varies significantly according to each individual model’s specifications. Generally speaking Standard models start at around $5000 while Deluxe versions usually go up to around $8000-$10000; and Professional packages reach upwards from $15000-$18000 depending on size variations (uprights vs grand pianos). These prices should be taken into account during purchase research so you know what kind of budget you’ll be working with before making any purchasing decisions.

Exploring Digital Network Player Hardware Options for the Yamaha MX100 Disklavier Piano

Conclusion: Making an Informed Decision on Your Yamaha MX100 Disklavier Piano Purchase

Buying a Yamaha MX100 Disklavier piano is an investment – and you should make sure to do your due diligence when making the choice to purchase. Before you make the commitment, gather as much information as possible on what type of piano would best suit your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Ensure that all specs are in line with your requirements for sound quality and durability.

Do Your Research

No matter what kind of instrument you choose, doing research beforehand helps ensure that it meets all of your needs. Make sure to read up on the product specifications before you buy or even try out a Yamaha MX100 Disklavier piano. Look for reviews online from trusted sources, interview musicians who have owned one or visit a store where they can help guide you through their selection process.

Consider Your Budget

Purchasing any musical instrument requires some financial planning. Consider whether buying second-hand may be more cost effective than buying new – look into dealerships that specialize in used music instruments before committing to purchasing new items.

Additionally look at financing options available for both new and used models if needed – this way the cost can be spread over several months instead of being paid off in full immediately.

Finally decide how much money you’re willing to spend overall on a Yamaha MX100 Disklavier Piano — keep in mind that repairs and maintenance will also need factored into how much funds are allocated for this purchase.

  • Research:
    1. Read up on product specs/reviews
    2. Interview musicians with experience playing one

  • Budget:
    1. Look into used instruments & financing options
    2. Decide overall amount willing to spend

Making an informed decision when purchasing any item involves carefully considering each factor surrounding it. Doing so with regards to obtaining a Yamaha MX100 Discontinued Piano will enable satisfaction with its performance while still staying within budgetary means – leading towards long term enjoyment!