What Guitar Does Mac DeMarco Use? A Comprehensive Guide To His Preferred Instruments.

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Is Mac DeMarco your ultimate guitar icon? Have you been curious about the unique sound and tones he creates with his music? Then, one question probably stands out in your mind: what guitar does Mac DeMarco use? Well, you’re not alone. As a huge fan of Mac’s music myself, I’ve always been fascinated by his choice of instruments and how they contribute to his signature sound. And after doing some extensive research, I’m here to share all the details with you!

In this article, we’ll explore the guitars that Mac DeMarco has used throughout his career- from his early days as Makeout Videotape to now. We’ll dive into their specifications, tone characteristics, and even discuss possible alternatives for those on a budget or looking for similar sounds. So whether you’re an aspiring musician or just a curious fan, let’s take a closer look at what makes Mac DeMarco’s guitars so special!

So, what guitar does mac demarco use?

Mac DeMarco is known for his unique and dreamy sound, often incorporating elements of indie rock, psychedelic pop, and lo-fi into his music. Many fans have wondered what guitar he uses to achieve this signature sound.

After doing some research and watching live performances, it seems that Mac DeMarco’s go-to guitar is a Fender Stratocaster. Specifically, he has been seen using a 2012 American Standard model in sunburst finish. This classic electric guitar is known for its versatility and bright tone, which makes it perfect for the variety of genres that Mac DeMarco incorporates into his music.

In addition to the Fender Stratocaster, Mac also frequently plays a Gibson SG Special with P90 pickups. This guitar adds a warmer and more vintage sound to his songs compared to the brighter tones of the Stratocaster.

Aside from these two main guitars, Mac has also been spotted playing other instruments such as a Yamaha Pacifica electric guitar and an Epiphone Casino hollow-body electric guitar. He also occasionally switches things up by playing acoustic guitars like the Martin D-18 or Gibson J-45.

It’s worth noting that while these are some of the most commonly used guitars by Mac DeMarco, he is not limited to just these models. In fact, during live performances he often swaps out different guitars depending on what sounds best for each song.

Overall, Mac DeMarco’s preferred instruments reflect his eclectic musical style – blending both modern and vintage elements together to create something truly unique. So if you’re looking to recreate his iconic sound or simply expand your own collection of guitars, consider adding one (or all) of these versatile instruments!

Exploring Mac DeMarco’s Early Musical Journey and Choice of Guitars

Exploring Mac DeMarco’s Early Musical Journey

Mac DeMarco, the Canadian multi-instrumentalist and indie-pop idol, started his musical journey in the small town of Duncan, British Columbia. Growing up amidst a musical family, where he was introduced to various genres like R&B, classic rock and folk music at an early age. His passion for music led him to form his first band ‘Meat Cleavers’ when he was just 14 years old. Playing at local bars and community events shaped DeMarco’s signature lo-fi sound – a unique mix of dreamy melodies with giddy pop elements that make you want to sway along.

Moving on from ‘Meat Cleavers’, Mac formed several other bands such as ‘Outdoor Miners’ and ‘Makeout Videotape’. As he experimented with different sounds during this time period it further honed his skill set – strengthening his ability to create a distinct sonic atmosphere that feels both familiar yet innovative. It was this relentless dedication towards exploring different facets of music which eventually paved way for his successful solo career.

The Choice of Guitars: An Integral Part Of His Signature Sound

  • Modified Fender Stratocaster: Mac’s main guitar is a modified Fender Stratocaster, also known as “Frankenstrat”. This instrument bears many marks from its numerous modifications over the years which greatly contribute to its unique tone.
  • Takamine Acoustic Guitar: Another integral aspect in creating DeMarco’s characteristic sound is through using Takamine acoustic guitars.
  • Aria Pro II ZZ Deluxe: While not as frequently used as the previous two guitars mentioned above; The Aria Pro II ZZ Deluxe has also been part of some iconic performances by him.

DeMarco’s choice of guitars was not influenced by their status as classic or high-end models, but rather these were tools he customized to fit his unique sound. Each guitar played its part in crafting the signature “jizz jazz” style that DeMarco is known for – a testament to his innovative approach towards music.

Diving into the Specs: A Detailed Look at Mac DeMarco’s Favorite Guitars

From the moment you first hear him strumming his strings to the smooth, laid-back rhythm of “Ode to Viceroy,” it becomes clear that Mac DeMarco has a signature style. This long-haired indie icon’s sound is as distinctive as his gap-toothed grin, and diving into the specs of his favorite guitars reveals how he achieves such a unique tone. His love for vintage music equipment shines through in his use of two main guitars; a 1970s Fender Stratocaster and an early ’60s Teisco Silvertone.

The ’70s Fender Stratocaster, often called “the strat,” is undoubtedly Mac’s go-to instrument on most occasions. Its design captures the essence of classic rock music with its three single-coil pickups which deliver those bright and punchy tones Mac loves so much.
He also enjoys playing around with its five-way switch to create different tonal options depending on what he needs for each track.

  • Vintage-style synchronized tremolo bridge: This feature allows him to add vibrato effects by slightly altering string tension.
  • Alder body wood type: It contributes significantly to the guitar’s overall warm and full-bodied tone.
  • “C”-shaped neck profile: Allows for comfort while performing complex chord shapes or fast solo lines.

On other occasions, Mac pulls out an old-school ’60s Teisco Silvertone. These Japanese-made instruments were popular during their time due their affordable prices and solid construction. Despite being considered budget-friendly back in those days, they are now highly sought after by musicians like Mac who appreciate their distinct sound characteristics.

  • Dual single-coil pickup arrangement: For this guitar, it’s not about power but the unique tone and style.
  • Bolt-on neck construction: This feature delivers a snappy, bright sound that adds character to Mac’s music.
  • Poplar body wood type: Poplar contributes to producing a balanced tonal range with medium-level sustain.

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Achieving That Signature Sound: How Mac DeMarco’s Guitar Choices Shape His Music

The distinct sound of Mac DeMarco’s music is largely attributed to his unique selection of guitars. Once the weapon of choice for artists like Buddy Holly, DeMarco prefers vintage instruments such as the Stratocaster and Teisco Silvertone. His unconventional decision to use classic tools in a modern music scene gives his melodies a distinctive tone that sets him apart from contemporary musicians.

DeMarco’s love affair with vintage guitars dates back to his teenage years when he first started playing. He discovered the characteristic warmth and resonance that old strings provide, crafting an unmistakable sonic ambiance exclusive to him.

His favorite – The Fender Stratocaster is known for its bright, punchy sound which complements DeMarco’s laid-back indie rock style perfectly. On top of this,

  • The Teisco Silvertone,
  • a Japanese guitar from the 60s,
  • provides a mellow yet edgy undertone

that defines his signature lo-fi aesthetic.

In essence, Mac DeMarco’s musical identity is beautifully intertwined with his passion for vintage guitars. His meticulous strategy in selecting these iconic instruments leads not only to achieving an individualistic voice but also encourages others in exploring their own melody by stepping out of traditional boundaries.

What Guitar Does Mac DeMarco Use? A Comprehensive Guide To His Preferred Instruments.what guitar does mac demarco use

Budget-Friendly Alternatives to Mac DeMarco’s Preferred Guitars for Aspiring Musicians

Mac DeMarco’s Affinity for Vintage Instruments: A Costly Passion
It’s no secret that Mac DeMarco’s choice of guitars is part of what gives his music its unique sound. Known for his use of vintage instruments, in particular, a ’70s Fender Mustang and ’60s Mosrite Ventures Model II, these guitars are unfortunately not the most budget-friendly options for aspiring musicians. However, while these specific models might be out of reach financially, there are several affordable alternatives that can help you achieve a similar tone.

Finding Budget-Friendly Alternatives to High-End Guitars

  • The Squier Bullet Mustang HH: An ideal alternative to the pricy Fender model used by DeMarco. This guitar is known for its vibrant tones and versatility. Moreover, it’s significantly less expensive but still holds up in terms of quality.
  • The Airline ’59 2P: This guitar can serve as an excellent stand-in for the Mosrite Ventures Model II. Although it features more modern electronics and hardware design compared to the original Mosrite version, it still delivers an impressive vintage vibe – all at a price tag that won’t break your bank.

While owning the exact make and model played by your musical hero might feel like a dream come true or even an essential step towards achieving their signature sound; remember that gear does not define musicianship. It’s about how you play rather than what equipment you perform on – creativity doesn’t have to cost much! So don’t fret if those high-end guitars remain outside your budget range; with smart selection choices inspired from this list above, we assure you’ll be strumming away like Mac DeMarco in no time!

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Conclusion: Unraveling the Mystery of What Guitar Does Mac Demarco Use

It’s no secret that Mac Demarco‘s unique sonic palette has captivated fans worldwide, but what may be less known is the gear behind his signature sound. Indeed, many wonder: just what guitar does this indie rock icon use? Well, the answer lies in a Japanese-made instrument with a distinct vintage vibe – the Aria Pro II CS-350. This guitar from the 1980s boasts humbucker pickups and 24 frets while presenting an intriguing blend of style and functionality.

The bridge pickup on Mac’s go-to Aria offers an unmistakable gritty twang that underpins much of his music. The natural warmth of its tone perfectly complements Demarco’s laid-back lyrical content and casual crooning style. What really sets it apart though are:

  • The unconventional floating tremolo system,
  • A tapered headstock for better tuning stability,
  • An adjustable saddle to optimize intonation.

Yet despite all this technical prowess, what truly endears this stringed beauty to Mac is its old-school allure – a quality he often seeks out when choosing instruments. The myriad scratches and worn-out spots lend charm to its sunburst finish, making each performance feel like stepping into nostalgia-laden reverie. So next time you’re swaying along to those dreamy chords remember: part of their magic stems from one indispensable companion – the Aria Pro II CS-350.

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