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welcome denOn behalf of Yamaha Corporation of America and Disklavier users worldwide, I'd like to give you a personal welcome to the Disklavier Education Network. If you are an educator using Disklavier (or even CONSIDERING using Disklavier in the future),  I hope you'll find everything you need to get the most out of the many teaching and performing tools provided by Disklavier technology. 

To help you get acquainted with the DEN website, I'd like to share some highlights and invite you to explore the site fully.

You've already found the DEN Homepage, which features the most exciting Disklavier news, events, and user tips, specifically as they apply to educators. This may include activity from Yamaha Artists, novel educational and performance applications of Disklavier, and tips on getting more out of the Disklavier features you use every day.

For those of you who are already active Disklavier users, we encourage you to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on Disklavier activities at your school. We know there have been many, many innovative uses of the Disklavier as a teaching and performing medium over the years—please take advantage of the DEN website to help spread the word! If you're new to Disklavier, we hope you'll enjoy learning about how other educators and institutions are making the most of Disklavier technology in their teaching.

If you need any help setting up or using a particular technology on your Disklavier, we have a new and VAST library of resources for you to use. First, there is a complete set of step-by-step instructions, many with video, for just about anything you might need to do with a Disklavier. This includes information on setting up DisklavierRadio™, DisklavierTV™, video-sync recording, and many other features that you might need at a moment's notice. You'll also find PDF versions of the owner's manual for every Disklavier model ever sold, plus even more useful information on how to upgrade your Disklavier, determine your Disklavier's age, find the model number, and much more.

We'll continually update the Resource area with tips from leading Disklavier educators such as Dr. Mario Ajero, Dr. Linda Christensen, Dr. Stella Sick, George Litterst, Shana Kirk, and others. We'd love to hear from you, too!

Finally, one of the most exciting components of the Disklavier Education Network is the DEN College Auditions service. By accepting DEN College Auditions at your school, you'll have the opportunity to screen students from nearly anywhere in the world who have submitted a video-synchronized Disklavier recording made at a DEN Audition Center in their area. On the Auditions page, you'll find all the details you need to participate in this long-awaited service, as well as see samples of the audition process in action.

These pages represent only the beginning of the community we are building around teachers who love Disklavier, and we look forwarding to hearing your feedback on how this site can be most useful to you. Many of you are long-time Disklavier users, and Yamaha is honored to continue to be a part of your vision for providing a 21st century education for your students. We're looking forward to the journey ahead!

Jim Levesque
Disklavier Marketing Manager
Yamaha Corporation of America

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