2009 International Piano-e-Competition

  • From its inaugural year in 2002 to the present, the International Piano-e-Competition has been a leader, using contemporary technologies to attract pianists from all of the world, to facilitate their participation, and to share performances with a world-wide audience.

    During each and every competition, the live performances of all solo rounds have been captured as MIDI files using the Yamaha Disklavier PRO concert grand piano. The International Piano-e-Competition’s archive constitutes the largest library of magnificent unedited live performances, representing some of the most impressive and demanding piano repertoire and featuring a great variety of interpretations.

    The performers represented in this collection—competitors in both the International Piano-e-Competitions and the e-Piano Junior Competitions—are some of the most promising young musicians of our generation whose playing represents a wide variety of styles, schools, and interpretations.  

    These performances are best enjoyed when reproduced by a Disklavier PRO using MIDI files that were recorded with the high resolution XP data. However, these performances are also offered in Standard MIDI File format for playback on non-PRO Disklavier pianos and other high quality digital instruments as well as in the legacy E-SEQ format for playback on early model Disklaviers.

    These scintillating performances will appeal to all listeners, from students to the most discerning piano aficionados. For more information about the International Piano-e-Competition and e-Piano Junior Competition, please visit the competitions’s website.

Image Gallery

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