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West Virginia Wesleyan College Department of Music

The following information constitutes a brief summary of the music program and the audition requirements and is provided by the DEN as a courtesy. Be sure to contact the school directly for further details and for all application guidelines. 

The mission of the Music Dept. is to prepare students in acquiring the performance and educational skills necessary to succeed in graduate school and to become professional level musicians and teachers through West Virginia Wesleyan's liberal arts environment.

The music curriculum is designed to develop an understanding and appreciation of music, and to help students become accomplished musicians. The Bachelor of Music Education degree serves those who are preparing for the teaching profession, and the Bachelor of Arts degree accommodates those wishing a liberal arts degree or wishing to emphasize a particular aspect of music such as performance or theory in their study. Various options for a contract major combining music with other disciplines, such as business or Christian education, are possible. All curricula offered provide a strong foundation for graduate study.

The music program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music and endorses the statement on Basic Musicianship adopted by this national accrediting organization. The program seeks to develop basic musicianship in the following areas:

1. A conceptual understanding of such musical properties as sound, rhythm, melody, harmony, texture and form; and opportunities for developing a grasp of their interrelationships as they form the cognitive-affective basis for listening, composing and performing;

2. Repeated opportunities for enacting in a variety of ways the roles of listener (analysis), performer (interpretation), composer (creation), and scholar (research);

3. A repertory for study that embraces many cultures and historical periods.

Piano & Keyboard Faculty
A listing of the West Virginia Wesleyan music faculty can be found here.

Undergraduate Piano Audition Requirements
Please contact the Music Department for more information.

Schedule a Disklavier Audition 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a Disklavier audition.

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