University of Oregon Takes Disklavier for a Spin

Pianist Alexandre Dossin and the students at the University of Oregon School of Music and Dance have partnered with Classic Pianos to arrange the use of a Disklavier in the 2020 Spring semester. Before school was closed due to the pandemic, Dossin experience long-distance teaching, as he instructed students at Brigham Young University via the Disklavier Remote Lesson feature.Alexandre Dossin Teaches a BYU Student via Remote Lesson on Diskalvier

University of Oregon students have also used the Disklavier for other creative pursuits, including assessment of their own performances. Now that travel may be restricted in the coming months, they are imagining how the Disklavier will allow them to benefit through both sending and receiving guest performances and lessons. Read the full article in Around the O, a publication of the University of Oregon.
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