Overcoming Distances with Disklavier ENSPIRE

 Reported by Cornelius Moussong, Yamaha Music Europe

YAMAHA Disklavier ENSPIRE is famous for its versatile recording and playback capabilities.

The instrument is not only well-known for its entertainment, but is also a valuable teaching tool highly appreciated by institutions, professors and students in an educational setting.

One particular feature, which is becoming increasingly powerful for professors and students is Remote Lesson.
With Remote Lesson, you can connect up to four Disklavier pianos in different locations, linking them together so that masterclasses can be conducted from anywhere in the world to students anywhere in the world. Connecting teachers and students overseas, the Remote Lesson feature brings a whole new meaning to 'distance learning'.

On the 12th of December 2020, Professor Weber from the Conservatoire of Hamburg performed three Beethoven Sonatas live from the Conservatoire to students in Vienna and Hangzhou. All three locations were connected through their Disklaviers, and also via Zoom, so that they could visually experience the concert.

The Conservatoire of Hamburg is making frequent use of their DC7ENPRO Disklavier in their "Yamaha Studio", where they have fully embraced the instrument's innovative technology into their daily lessons with future plans to launch a regular series of 'Remote Lesson Concerts'.

The Conservatoire's goal is to become one of the leading institutions in e-learning. 

Watch the Remote Lesson Concert and behind the scenes: 

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Full news story:
On the 31st of March 2021, Professor Marie-Josèphe Jude from the Paris Conservatoire conducted a Remote Lesson masterclass with student Mr. Takehiro Kamogawa at Ginza Hall, Tokyo. Mr. Kamogawa performed two pieces and received real-time feedback and tuition from the Professor.

Mr. Kamogawa remarked, "it sounded like a real person was there playing the piano. I wouldn't be able to tell if it's a machine playing if I closed my eyes. Amazing lesson. Mme. Jude was a very good teacher. I learned a lot from her, especially with the Disklavier pedals."

The market for the Disklavier in institutions is constantly developing, and in particular, we can see that requests for Remote Lessons are increasing, as institutions are integrating Disklavier technology more and more into their daily education. With Disklavier technology, Yamaha is able to help institutions connect and educate overseas no matter the distance. 

Disklavier Remote Lesson: Bydgoszcz – Ginza

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