Inna Faliks Uses Disklavier to Teach UCLA Students from New York City

Inna Faliks 01 200x150New York, NY - Ukrainian-born, New York City based pianist Inna Faliks is known for her sense of adventure. Committed to innovative programming, rarely heard and new music, as well as audience communication and education, Faliks has premiered many new works, and takes every opportunity to share her passion publicly. She is equally comfortable on stage with poets and actors, having recently joined Downton Abbey star Lesley Nicol in “Admission – One Shilling,“ a play for a pianist and actor about the life of Dame Myra Hess, the great British pianist. Ms. Faliks is also the founder and curator of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council award winning interdisciplinary series Music/Words, a poetry-music series going into its 6th NYC season in 2013.

In 2012, Faliks, then a new mom with a full touring schedule, was invited to join the esteemed faculty of UCLA, Herb Albert School of Music, as tenured Associate Professor of Piano. Never mind that UCLA was on the opposite side of the continent from her NYC home; never mind that she wouldn't be able to get her family moved and fulfill her performance obligations until several months AFTER her new position was to have begun in Los Angeles. 

Adventuresome Inna moved forward anyway. As a newly minted Yamaha artist, she had heard about the RemoteLesson feature being tested on Disklavier and decided this could actually provide a solution. For the next few months, Faliks took her time finding a new home in LA, spent quality time with her son, AND taught some of her UCLA students' lessons from Yamaha's Artist Services Salon on 5th Ave. 

“At first the students thought they were in some kind of magic castle,“ remarks Faliks, but they soon realized it was just like being in the same room. Now, they all “absolutely love it and say it's awesome.“

At that time, she was likely the only world-class pianist and piano faculty member teaching her own piano students this way, but for Faliks, it was just another day at the office. During one lesson, she jokingly chastised a student for trying to blame a mistake on the Disklavier, “Sorry,” says Prof. Faliks, “it's just too damn good.“
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