Gershwin Plays Cincinnati

George Gershwin plays Rhapsody in Blue with the Cincinnati Orchestra, via The Disklavier ENSPIRE(from the Yamaha MusicUSA blog)

Thanks to longitme DEN enthusiast (DEN-thusiast?) Stella Sick, The Cincinnati Orchestra, and Australian piano roll enthusiast and digital music engineer Peter Phillips, George Gershwin appeared in a posthoumous performance earlier this year. 
This is no ghost story. Rather, it’s a tale of technology.
Gershwin’s piano part had actually been recorded in 1924 on piano rolls for the then-popular Duo-Art reproducing piano. Phillips converted the performance to MIDI data, using a machine he built himself, for other live performance projects way back in 2013.  

It sounds relatively simple, but in fact it was extremely challenging and labor-intensive to reproduce Gershwin’s part accurately and to make it possible for the conductor, Louis Langrée, and the orchestra to follow along with it. Check out the full story on the YamahaUSA Blog! 
(L-R) Peter Phillips, Louis Langrée, and Dr. Stella Sick

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