Gearing up for the Alaska e-Competition!

Call your favorite piano tuner, connect your high-def TVs, make sure your DisklavierTV subscription is up-to-date, and invite ALL your piano-loving friends, for the time of the 2018 e-Competition is upon us! From May 19-May 31, 2018, Disklavier owners, DEN-stitutions, and Yamaha piano dealers will be treated to almost a fortnight of the world's most beloved piano repertoire, played by the world's most competitive emerging keyboard artists. 

Broadcasting from the University of Alaska at Fairbanks for the second time, this year's competition will mark the twelfth in the organization's TWENTY-FOUR-YEAR history. In order to reach the finals in Fairbanks, each competitor has already passed a Disklavier-based preliminary round.  In this process, audition sites are established around the world to record video-synchronized Disklavier performances from each competitor. When all of the audition sites have completed their recordings, a jury convenes in New York City to review the performances, which are replayed on a Disklavier CFX concert grand synchronized to high-definition video. (You can watch a video on the whole process on the e-Competition website. The semi-finalists chosen on this day are the ones who will be competing live in Fairbanks, and live for any of us lucky enough to have a Disklavier connected to the Internet. 

Locals in Fairbanks are again eager to showcase their beautiful facilities to the world, including the Disklavier concert grand owned by the Fairbanks Symphony. According to the Daily News-Miner, "The star of the show, other than the musicians themselves, is a Yamaha CFX Disklavier, a premier internet-connected piano that broadcasts the musicians' performances to other connected Disklaviers around the globe, playing synchronously with the performer."

If you are watching the competition from home, we would love to hear from you! visitez le internet à venir Chime in on your favorite performers on the Yamaha Disklavier Facebook Page! We'll bring the popcorn!

DisklavierTV provides live and on-demand video-synchronized piano performances right on your own piano! If you need help setting up your Disklavier for this exciting event, please check out the guide at 
DisklavierTV is a part of PianoRadio, a subscription-based service exclusive to Yamaha. Subscribe or renew at

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