Flights of Fancy on a Fancy Fallboard

Xiao Xaio's Andante InstallationPianist and media artist Xiao Xiao craftily blends projections, interactive software, and, of course, a Disklavier, to expand the experience of being at the piano. We are delighted to have recently discovered her work, mostly created as part of her PhD studies in the Tangible Media Group at the MIT Media Lab. 

Here, her MirrorFugue installation projects the lifesize hands of pianist Allen Toussaint on the keys, as well as lifesize images on a screen built into the music desk, letting the observer experience a performance from the inside out! 

In another MirrorFugue modification, Xiao Xiao and a colleague demonstrate how to use the technology to collaborate on a new work: 

But perhaps our favorite (as mostly educator-types, you know), are the colorful people who flit about the keyboard demonstrating various musical expressions in Andante:

Now THAT'S a walking bass (and treble...)!
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