DEN Auditions Program featured in FastCompany

Last year's DEN Audition participants were able to choose from many new recording sites, including several locations abroad. This increase in participation and wider adoption of the technology has even caught the attention of mainstream press. Check out this article by FastCompany's Sean Captain, who recently interviewed DEN consultant George Litterst on the program (click to read the entire article at FastCompany):

Of course WE all know that the Disklavier-based auditions program is not only relevant, but potentially game-changing in the competitive world of college music auditions. Juries and institutions who have been exposed to this technology are consistently wowed by the precision and realism of the experience.

Because many of these sites also served as audition locations for the e-Piano Junior Competition 2015, the Auditions program had more applicants than ever. Many of these pianists elected to open their audition materials for viewing at ANY authorized DEN-affiliated program. Schools who are authorized to use thier Disklavier PRO pianos for receiving auditions may now hear all of those applicants, many of whom will be beginning college in Fall 2016. 

To learn more about the DEN Auditions process for your students or your school, please visit our Auditions page!

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