Composer Spotlight: Earwitness Projects by Eve Egoyan

Canadian pianist Eve Egoyan, widely known for shattering genres with performances of contemporary works. Earwitness is a set of performance projects specifically using Disklavier, in which Egoyan has either commissioned or collaborated with visual artists for a completely immersive experience. 
One such work is Surface Tension (above), an improvisational work in which Egoyan's playing controls live computer-generated graphics via custom software made by media artist David Rokeby. During each performance, the graphics are both responding to the Disklavier, as well as providing inspiration for what comes next, creating unique aural and visual interactions each time the piece is performed. 
Surface Tension, as well as other Earwitness projects will be on display at several events in California this spring. 
Have you ever used a Disklavier to collaborate with a visual artist? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Composing for Disklavier
Intentionally "Choking" a Disklavier?

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