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The DEN Educator's Guide

The DEN Educator's Guide
The DEN Educator's Guide is a great resource to find out what other institutions and educators are doing with the Disklavier for teaching, performing, and creating music.

The Latest Resources for Teaching Music Online

The Latest Resources for Teaching Music Online
Our colleagues over at Yamaha Educator Suite have compiled an outstanding list of resources to help teachers everywhere make the transition to online music educaiton as seamless as possible. Check it out at 

Gershwin Plays Cincinnati

Gershwin Plays Cincinnati
(L-R) Peter Phillips, Louis Langrée, and Dr. Stella Sick
(from the Yamaha MusicUSA blog)Thanks to longitme DEN enthusiast (DEN-thusiast?) Stella Sick, The Cincinnati Orchestra, and Australian piano roll enthusiast and digital music engineer Peter Phillips, George Gershwin appeared in a posthoumous performance earlier this year. This is no ghost story. Rather, it’s a tale of technology.Gershwin’s piano part had actually been recorded in 1924 on piano rolls for the then-popular Duo-Art reproducing piano. Phillips converted the performance to MIDI data, using a machine he built himself, for other live performance projects way back in 2013.  It sounds relatively simple, but in fact it was extremely challenging and labor-intensive to reproduce Gershwin’s part accurately and to make it possible for the conductor, Louis Langrée, and the orchestra to follow along with it. Check out the full story on the YamahaUSA Blog! 

Gearing up for the Alaska e-Competition!

Call your favorite piano tuner, connect your high-def TVs, make sure your DisklavierTV subscription is up-to-date, and invite ALL your piano-loving friends, for the time of the 2018 e-Competition is upon us! From May 19-May 31, 2018, Disklavier owners, DEN-stitutions, and Yamaha piano dealers will be treated to almost a fortnight of the world's most beloved piano repertoire, played by the world's most competitive emerging keyboard artists. 
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Video Sync in Action! Mario Ajero Explains How to Clone a Musician

Mario Ajero, Assistant Professor of Piano Pedagogy at the Stephen F. Austin State University, is well known for his popular Piano Podcast. These instructional videos leverage features of the Disklavier and connectivity to interactive, instructional graphics that are displayed on the computer screen. In this video, he provides some insights into the capabilities of his favorite video editor called ScreenFlow.

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