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Rosenboom Celebrated at Whitney Museum

CalArts Piano Duet small 200x146CalArts' David Rosenboom is one of today's most respected experimental composers. With a constant goal of stretching the definitions and traditional encasements of music, Dr. Rosenboom has a long history of Disklavier-based composition and experimentation as well. So, we're thrilled here at the DEN, that such a venerable institution as the Whitney Museum has scheduled a multi-day celebration of his works, many of which include Disklavier. 

Inna Faliks Releases Solo Concert on Disklavier

Inna Faliks thumbAdventuresome, dazzling pianist Inna Faliks is well known for defying traditional convention as a classical artist. Sure, her pedigree includes a stellar list of prizes, orchestral performances, and international acclaim. Of course, she's one of the most in-demand teachers in the US. But her restless, creative spirit has sent her in many unexpected directions as well:

Signature MIDI Collection Makes Its Debut!

SignatureMIDICollection 01smallThe Disklavier Education Network (DEN) is pleased to announce the addition of the Signature MIDI Collection to the DEN website. You can access the collection using the navigation at the top of the DEN website or by going directly to this location:


Johansson Captures International Piano-e-Competition Crown

PeterFriisJohansson 02smallYamaha Disklavier Plays Instrumental Role in Most Prestigious Competition for Pianists Under 32 

“The Piano-e-Competition certainly shows the remarkable remote performance capabilities of the Disklavier, and highlights how this technology can connect the music world like never before,” said Jim Levesque, Yamaha