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BAC Salon: Biber + Nancarrow

DEN composer Robert Willey appears in this multi-century mashup, applying Disklavier technology for a uniquely 21st century performance.

Mark Fewer, violin
Avi Stein, organ
Charles Weaver, theorbo and guitar
Daniel Swenberg, theorbo
Robert Willey, Yamaha Disklavier and synthesizer

Heinrich von Biber and Conlon Nancarrow were composers who took virtuosity to unprecedented heights. Biber experimented with differently tuned strings to expand the possibilities of the violin, while Nancarrow wrote for the mechanical player piano, as his compositions surpassed human performance capability.

This program juxtaposes Biber sonatas with a selection of Nancarrow Player Piano Studies.

BAC Salon: The Originals is a series of music by composers with uncompromising visions, performed by some of today's most respected musicians in an intimate salon setting.

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Event Date: March-22-2017 7:30 pm
Event End Date: March-23-2017 10:00 pm