Disklavier Advantages

Unsurpassed ReproductionUnsurpassed Reproduction

The Disklavier family of pianos ranges from consumer models to the PRO version, all of which outperform the alternatives from other manufacturers. The Disklavier is the only mainstream reproducing piano that both captures and plays back incremental pedaling. The current model PRO and standard model Disklaviers are unique in their ability to record and reproduce both hammer velocity and key release velocity, and the PRO captures this data with a resolution that goes beyond the normal capabilities of MIDI.

Long Distance ArtistryLong Distance Artistry

Yamaha has been a pioneer in the development of technologies for linking Disklavier pianos bi-directionally as well as for broadcasting concerts from one location to many locations across the globe. Yamaha's RemoteLesson technology enables long distance, interactive lessons and master classes. RemoteLive facilitates real-time, long distance broadcasts. For more information about archived RemoteLive lectures and concerts, please visit Yamaha's DisklavierTV™ website.

Tireless AccompanistTireless Accompanist

When the Disklavier made its debut in the United States, it quickly became popular as an accompaniment tool, available to singers and instrumentalists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Institutions of higher learning have discovered that singers and instrumentalists come better prepared for lessons and for rehearsals with a human accompanist when they have had the opportunity to get fully acquainted with the sound of the piano part.

Artistic IntegrityArtistic Integrity

From the early days of the Disklavier to the present time, the Disklavier engineers have worked tirelessly to achieve a level of playback reproduction and tonal quality that satisfies the most discriminating artists, such as the renown pianists who have judged the International Piano-e-Competition over the years. Endorsed by legendary artists such as Byron Janis and Abbey Simon, the Disklavier has become a mainstream instrument for live performance, studio recording, and high level music instruction.

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