DEN Auditions for the Student’s Current Teacher

Disklavier Education Network Auditions provide your students with a cost effective way of auditioning for admission or scholarship consideration. From the point of view of the audition committees of participating schools, these video-synchronized Disklavier recordings provide an experience that is almost as good as hearing the student in person.

Schools use these auditions for a variety of reasons:

• pre-screening

• traditional admission audition

• scholarship consideration

• promotion of the school's music department

The basic idea is this: Your student goes to one audition location, records an audition program, and the audition committees at multiple schools view and listen to the performance. Each school that receives your student's performance will hear your student play on their Disklavier piano as though he or she were performing live.

The Disklavier PRO piano is a concert-quality, acoustic piano with a sophisticated record-and-playback mechanism. When your student makes a recording, each key, hammer, and pedal movement is captured and stored in the cloud. A coordinated video recording is also created and stored in the cloud. Participating schools access this material at a time that is convenient to them, and watch and hear your student perform as though he or she is in the same room. Each key, hammer, and pedal movement is faithfully reproduced.

It should be noted that participating institutions use contemporary technologies in their music program and are committed to preparing students for a 21st-century career in music.

By encouraging your students to participate in the DEN Auditions, you provide them with the opportunity to apply to more schools, be considered for scholarships, and even receive feedback from interested institutions. This is a great way to apply to reduce the time and cost of travel. From the perspective of the participating schools, these time-shifted auditions are the next best thing to an in-person audition.

NOTE: Additional schools and recording sites are being added during the year.

Participating Disklavier Recording Sites